Stainless Steel Drainer Pot Set
Useful Staniness less Drainer Pot which has extra tall drainer pot with a dense mesh insert ideal for long food coking like pasta, asparagus, sausages etc.
Stainless Steel Canister
Perfect Stainless Steel Canister for the aroma-saving storage of coffee, tea, pasta, rice etc. Using Stainless steel 18/10 in heavy German high-end quality and special outside coating to prevent fingerprints
Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs
Ideal for Cooking, during BBQ events and serving on table. Nylon function head suitable for non-stick coated cookware without scratching the surface. Heat resistant of Nylon function head up to 230°C. Non-slip soft-touch inlays on the handle to ensure safe gripping and operation.
Foodsaver Balls Set (2 pcs)
Foodsaver Balls Set is a good kitchen storage tool to prevent food from drying out and early aging
Stainless Steel Kitchen Gadgets
Stainless Steel Kitchen Gadgets including Flat Grater, Thin Long Grater, Julienne Peeler. Stainless Steel 18/10 in heavy German high-end quality with hanging loop. Essential kitchen tools for food preparation.
Treat Casserole Set (1.0L + 1.5L + 2.5L)
This treat casserole set consists of 3 casseroles, it can keep food in hot and cold food temperature. Inner layer in stainless steel for excellent hygiene and odour protection. Easy and convenient to use.
Multi Grater set
This versatile multi grater contains 5 different blades for slicing, grating, and shredding for preparing beautiful garnishes, casseroles and tasty salads. Durable and high quality Stainless Steel blade . Provide conveniences for your food preparation.
Electric Milk Frother with Non-Stick Coating
Ideal Electric Milk Frother for hot and cold milk foam for a perfect coffee. Double Stainless steel housing, inside 2 layers of Non-stick coating and with removable whisk head for easy cleaning. Perfect for a nice coffee making.
Stainless Steel Chicken Scissors
A robust designed Stainless Steel Chicken Scissors, easy to carve poultry effortlessly with clean cuts, suitable to cut through strong bones. Good kitchen tool for kitchen.
Multifunction Scissors with black Titanium-Coating
5-in-1 multifunction scissors with bottle opener, fish scraper, bone cutter & nut cracker options. Black titanium coated blades stay sharper and last longer. Essential tools for kitchen.